Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Harbor

We stayed at Spindrift Inn, right on Cannery Row.
The view from our window-

Our hotel had a semi-private beach, next to El Toritos!
The lobby. Way fancy...
Fisherman's Wharf

Put-in-Bay! Small world...
Downtown, the Marriot
We rented bikes for the afternon and rode around 14 miles around the bay.
 This is near Del Monte Beach

A little further around the bay, near Holiday Inn/Sand City
 looking back at the Monterey Peninsula

the dunes in Seaside
One day, we drove down to San Luis Obispo and saw our favories: the Crazy Kaizen's!
Don and Kati are still good friends of ours from our 2 years in Monterey. Caden (5) and Caleb were good buddies, then along came Tea`(2) while we were still in CA,  we moved when she was just 9 mos old. And of course we had to see the new addition, Asher! Kati was a few months pregnant with him while I visited in February. It is so neat to see how the kids have changed. I'm sure it will be fun when all the kids are graduating highschool, college and getting married. We'll be back and forth across the country. 

 Pacific Grove
We checked out the beaches tidal pools, and found a bunch of these little guys!

 Caleb spent half the week with Kim, and the other half with my parents.
 My dad bought him this 4-wheeler.
Just what Caleb needs!
Finally back home. Boomer and Caleb hanging in the chair.
Our Wolf-Caleb. He picked this atrocious adults' wolf mask. It is entirely too big for his head, I had to knot the elastic in the back to acoomodate his head. But he loves it. He even howls....
Wolves go to school?
Caleb did not like the slimey insides....but he tried.

While Austin carved, we watched. Caleb donned these awesome glasses...

Finished! Its a skull ...pretty cool!

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thetaylors said...

So fun! Don't you miss it? We loved going back as normal tourists! Looks like you had fun