Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall-ish update

After Austin's return, Caleb started school at the beginning of September at a new preschool. So far he LOVES it! Loves his teacher, and talks about all of his friends a lot.

First Day at Grace Episcopal Preschool

mowing on our new tractor with Daddy...
wearing Mommy's glasses silly!
A quick trip back to Ohio for family pictures...all of the grandkids!
helping Grandpa in the garage...
He sure loved working the power tools!
The start of October was pretty busy, the battalion had put on a marraige retreat for the couples.
It was in Franklin, TN at an Embassy Suites. It included the room for the weekend, food, parking, childcare and the hotel even had a cocktail hour every evening. It was really nice to get away, for cheap!

Caleb enjoyed the "alligators" (elevators)

Caleb with our friends' dog, Bailey.

Kennadee, CJ and Caleb having a snack while Daddy was helping...

...WITH THIS! Moving the carport...
the redneck way.

Lately, Caleb has been into his blocks. Building airplanes and trains and fast cars. And scary houses.

..and then he knocks them down.

He thought he looked really funny...

Bedtime stories are funny, too

He LOVES seeing Grandma's garden....and what he can find

..a few pumpkins and a watermelon


there's Two-Papa!
singing with Nana Kim...

its hard to get ALL of the kids in the same frame!

fun at Papa Gary's...

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Kaizen Family said...

LOVE the pictures. It was so great seeing you guys. We're really going to try to get out there sometime soon to see you guys. Miss you!!!!!!