Monday, August 30, 2010

Daddy's Home!

We've had a great first week with Austin back home. A lot of lounging around, movie watching, sleeping and snacking on all the food he's been missing out on. Here are some pics. Hope to add more soon.

Our last weekend before Austin returned...

Caleb with Kennadee and CJ patiently waiting at the Airfield for their Daddy's bus to drop them off after we watched the plane land..
There he is! We missed you, Daddy =)
Happy to be back!
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...that was a happy little boy, having his Daddy back!!
It took Caleb about 20 seconds of staring at Austin until
he jumped up in his arms...and was not letting go.

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Later on in the week, there was a nerf war that ensued in my livingroom.
 Never heard Caleb cackle so much as he did with his Daddy.

Our 4-legged kids...pathetic, but glad Austin is back, too.
Yes, this is Mario. And Yes, Caleb has been playing more than the recommended
 1 hr of TV time a day. I see it as bonding....right?!
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Austin and his "Mater-Red-Truck"...Caleb has been dying to ride in it.
A project and daily-driver all in one....
Caleb and his new....
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He has been riding every chance he gets, and we've been circling our neighborhood with nightly walks for the dogs, too.
Austin's & Caleb's favorite....COOKIES.
 Lovin the underwear, too =)
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thetaylors said...

So glad that he is back!! Looks like you are all doing very well with him home. Welcome Back Austin!!