Wednesday, October 21, 2009

River View Mounds Farm

Last weekend, to get in the fall spirit, we visited a Century Farm just south of Clarksville. The same family has been farming the land for 175 years, making it a century farm. They also have Mississippian-Era Indian Mounds on the property that puts the farm on the National Register of Historic Sites. They mentioned that the mounds were inhabited by Indians from 800AD-1500AD...and if you were wanting to see more, click on the link.

The "Farm" the big open area had a slide, sandbox, tire jungle gym, swings, hammocks, concessions, pumpkins, petting zoo, hayride, corn maze and a train ride, too.

On the tire jungle gym

It didn't take Caleb long to spot this tractor!

Watching the "big big" green tractor pull the hayride.

The HUGE slide...

"Train" ride...which Caleb loved.

He'd say "K-K, drive!"

The price of admission also included the Maze and Hayride.

I think he liked stomping through the corn

Sand pit

Petting the farm animals

Pony Ride!

The pumpkin that Caleb picked out :)

It was a chilly day, especially on the hayride, but we had a good time.

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