Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Fun...and a surprise!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Fort Campbell's Jump Team!

Here, lately, the "Jump" team from the 101st has been doing their jumps at the Clarksville Airport, which is a block away from our current apartment. I was lucky enough to have my camera handy to snap some quick pictures. These were actually when Austin was still at Airborne training, learning to jump out of planes, himself! (He did graduate, and I got him back all in one piece!)

Well, its getting cold we had to break out the hat and mittens. Caleb had been battling a cough, and it had been cold and rainy out for days. We finally jumped on the chance to get outside for awhile...we were all going crazy! Caleb did think his mittens were pretty cool.

Over the long weekend of Columbus Day, we went to Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. On the eastern side is Lake Barkley, the middle consists of an huge island (about 30 miles across) were there is wild elk, camping, fishing, etc. On the western bank is Kentucky Lake and the Tennessee River, weird, I know.

Lake Barkley, at the Resort's Marina

The land ahead is "between the lakes"

Caleb busied himself by throwing rocks

I was, infact, there

The colors were changing

throwing more rocks :)

I'm not sure who had more fun....


...or Caleb...?

Going over Lake Barkley

The bridge and approach to Land Between the Lakes

This was going over Tennessee River/Kentucky Lake on the Western Side.

AND.... for those of you who don't know.............


I am 5 weeks along, today. We're not out of the woods, yet...but we were just too excited to keep it to ourselves!


Jed and Jaime said...

Oh how fun! Congrats on the new baby :)

Joel and Dacia said...

I thought maybe you were pregnant when you said something about no lifting on facebook. Congrats! I bet this one will be just as darling as Caleb and he'll be such a cute big brother!