Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Hulk

Sorry this is a few days late....morning sickness has made its re-appearance. Caleb was "The Hulk" for Halloween, and this was his first year walking (not being pushed in a stroller) We met three neighbors on the south side of our house, and one neighbor on the north side. After that fourth house, Caleb said, "Go Home." So, we walked back across the street to our house, where we left a big bowl of candy on our doorstep. Caleb then said "Look! Candy!" I had been outsmarted! He didn't want to walk around for candy when there was plenty waiting for him on his own doorstep.

Getting ready to take Buddy for some candy.
Chocolate face, after we were done walking.
Caleb would say "Hulk! Run fast!"

The boys and our sad looking pumpkin.
He had fun trying to roll that 50 pound pumpkin around our yard.

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