Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nashville Zoo

Austin's last weekend here, (he'll be training in Nevada for a month or so) we decided to head to Nashville to see how the Zoo was there. Its only a 40 minute drive, and we've heard that the Nashville Zoo is really nice. It was, it had a HUGE jungle gym, a carousel and fountains that sprayed water...every kids favorite! Caleb did really well, walking most of the way. We did half before lunch and half after lunch. It really was just the right size....not too big, not too small. Here are some pictures from our day out.

sittin on Austin's shoulders (cute!)

the "bonkeys" (monkey)


the fish over top his head was huge!

Critter Encounter, brushing a pregnant goat...

he kept saying "Shrek" meaning like Shrek & Donkey....


my boys

my camera was having a hard time cooperating with the lighting...

the Jungle Carousel

Short hair!!


Joel and Dacia said...

You three make the cutest little family! Seeing those pictures of Caleb makes me so excited to have a boy! I hope your month without Austin goes by fast! And, your hair is way cute too.

Williams County Fogle Clan said...

Great work guys!!! Thanks for taking the time to do this!!Very cool!! Phil-Sid-Veronica-Vivien