Friday, September 18, 2009

Caleb's Favorite Things

1) Bikes.
He spots them miles away on a turnpike, or in someone's back yard/driveway. If there is a bike around, he will let you know.

Cousin Gabe was driving, and Caleb riding.

Nana Kim sits on Daddy's bike with Caleb.

Nana Kim's scooter...he likes to drive.
Any music, anytime, anywhere. And he wants other people to dance as well. He says "hand. dance." And drags people unwillingly to receptions, Nana's house, Walmart, you name it.


Loves them. Excavating CAT tractors, semi-trucks, farming tractors, mowing tractors....all shapes and colors.

Here he is sitting on my Uncle Dave's Oliver.

Going to disc up some ground with Great Uncle.

Grandma shows him the big big tires.

4) Daddy's Big Red Truck.

He has to make sure the truck is in the driveway at least 20 times a day. He associates it with Austin, its really cute. And, he has gotten really good at spotting Daddy's red truck in parking lots, which is quite helpful!

Austin was waxing the truck, and as you can see, Caleb had to help.

5) Cars.

Along with bikes, tractors, or trucks...he will let you know when there is a car, particularly odd colored ones like blue and yellow. Here, he and Austin were getting ready to go cart.

...and bumper cars!

6) Michael.

A cousin of Austin's has a son just 5 months younger than Caleb, his name is Mikey. During a recent visit, they played and played. It was fun to see them both converse back and forth....I swear, they have their own language.

Loving the boat ride

Monkey see, Monkey do.

Good Cheesin!

Pile on Uncle Steve =)


Caleb is already starting to get his own sense of humor. He likes to play jokes and do things I tell him not to, just so he has a reason to smirk like he does.

8) School.

He just started attending a daycare twice a week, and has really started to like it. When I picked him up the other day, he said "Buh-bye Friends." I think it has been good for him to have some time with other 2 yr olds, in a new place.

First day of School with Austin

There he goes *tear* big guy!


Joel and Dacia said...

He is getting so big! I love the picture on the tractor with the hat and boots on. Your new blog layout is cute too!

thetaylors said...

Courtney!I can't believe how big Caleb is getting! I really can't. He looks like a little man now! Too cute! Good luck with the house!