Monday, June 8, 2009

261- B Executive Ave. Clarksville, TN 37042

We weren't having any luck finding a house in our price range, that was close to post (but not trashy like houses tend to be closer to post) We stumbled down this road wondering where it led to, and we found a "for rent" sign in the yard of our now house. Complete luck! It has a fenced yard, which we weren't expecting and it is PERFECT for the three of us.

Our new front door =)

Looking out from our doorstep

Down the street

Austin trying out the carpet

Hallway looking back to the entryway

Hallway (our bedroom on left, kitchen straight through, and Caleb's room on the right)


The back door and kitchen

Austin whining "can we go? do we have enough pictures?" haha.

The view from our back door (pretty!)

Out in the yard looking at the back of the house

And, the most important view...from the kitchen sink!
Although, I have a dishwasher, so that definitely helps =)

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