Thursday, May 21, 2009

San Angelo Tourist-ing

So, I thought in honor of our last night in San Angelo, Texas....that we would post some pictures of our last outings around town. We went to the park behind the visitors center, that sits right on the Concho River. We also went to historic downtown, where the wooden sidewalk/porch is still intact. The General store had a TON! of stuff to look at...and we hear that it used to be a bank, with underground tunnel leading to the Bordello. The Men (back in the day) didn't want to be seen walking into the front door of the Bordello, so they used the tunnel instead! The Bank owner was seeing the owner of the Bordello, Miss Hattie...where we ate dinner and sat on original furniture!
All in all, its been a fun week. And we can't wait to get on the road.....Until next time....

At the guesthouse in our neighborhood

Caleb loves having two Nana's!

The inside and out of Eggemeyer's General Store

The Bordello and Saloon from across the street.

San Angelo has the largest sheep auction around...hence the sheep allover town

Miss Hattie's


Legs! inside Miss Hattie's

The wooden walk-way

Beautiful landscaping of the Visitor's Center

Walking to the park, crossing the river

One of the coolest playgrounds we've ever seen!

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