Friday, January 9, 2009


Wow. What a great way to spend our last few months in California....with family coming out and sight-seeing, and soaking up the sun that the West Coast has to offer. I do have pictures of Austin's Dad coming out, but at the moment they are MIA. We will be leaving shortly after Feb 5th, Graduation Day. Coming up soon!! We are pretty ready for a change in scenery =)
The Splash Zone at the Aquarium.
The jellies with Grandma.

The Waves crashing overhead.

Feeding time in the kelp forrest.

The Bat Ray touch pool.
Roughing with Grandpa.

He didn't like the sticky mess from the Rice crispy treats,
and here he is trying to wipe it off on his sock.....too funny.

Breakfast with Grandma.

Uncle Dalton popping Caleb on the air mattress.

Grandpa and Caleb entertaining each other =)

Dalton by one of the pull-offs around Pacific Grove.

The sun finally came out, we drove around the Monterey Peninsula.

During our tour, it was raining ...booo..

William Randolph Hearst Castle, from the Visitor's Center.

The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle.

Bixby Bridge

The first day of sight seeing, my parents and Dalton.


thetaylors said...

Look at all that grass! I almost don't believe that is in your yard! I can't believe that you are almost finished there! That is exciting, and kind of sad! There are a lot of memories there!

Joel and Dacia said...

Looks like you guys had some good times with the fam! I can't believe you'll be leaving next month already - how exciting!