Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our BIG Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving, Nana Kim and Mark came out along with Nana Jean and Uncle Alan. They both drove out, and Nana and Alan brought our new car out from Ohio. We pooled our Thanksgiving dinner together with our neighbors and had a pretty good turn out. Austin's stepbrother drove up from Phoenix, and 2 soldiers from Austin's class came out as well.
We also got to do a lot of sight seeing. We drove down the coast of Big Sur, 17 Mile Drive, Asilomar Beach, Carmel, Pebble Beach, and even Santa Cruz. They stayed for a little over a week and we were so glad to have some company.
Caleb loved having the attention, too. He is such a show-off. He is geting better with his demands, instead of just screaming what he wants. He will answer with a head shake--yes or no.
Austin takes the speaking part of his DLPT tomorrow, and we are off to Texas (hopefully) by February 13th. Then, we report to Fort Campbell, Kentucky by June 10th.....things are finally falling into place =) We are so thankful for our friends and family!
Pushing buttons in Papa's big truck after we did some sight seeing at Big Sur.

Papa and Caleb climbing trees at River Inn in Big Sur.

Riding the Carousel at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk.

Nana pulling Caleb in his tonka truck.
Caleb got a trampoline for Christmas!

Uncle Alan and Caleb at Pebble Beach Lodge.

Papa Oh-Oh and Caleb

Nana Kim and Caleb sharing M & M's.

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