Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grey Whales!

Yesterday, Austin and I went Whale Watching! It was awesome. The weather was a nice 75 degrees and sunny. Every year, during the "winter" months of Nov.-May, the Grey Whales migrate thousands of miles south from Alaska to the West Coast of Mexico. They pass through the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary on their way! This is one thing I have wanted to do before we left the area, and I'm so glad we finally went. Because of the protection of the Sanctuary, we weren't able to get as close to the whales as I thought, but I got a few good pics. Sorry if they are blurry, it was hard to stay steady on the boat....
For those of you who haven't seen a jellyfish...
The "water doggies" or Seals on the Coast Guard wharf rocks.
They smelled soooo gross!

Pretty sailboats on the calm waters.

Sea otter waving at us.
Monterey and Fremont Peak from the water.

Grey Whale
They hang out in pods of 3-5, thats how many we saw in a group, at least.
Some spraying.
Wait for it....
A breach, FINALLY.

You can see the bumpy texture...

More spraying

My favorites....(above and below, same group)

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