Monday, April 30, 2012


Easter at Grace School 

4 yr old lined up to find eggs!

...and they are off!

Go Caleb!

Keep looking!

Full basket!

the two 4 yr old classes

Easter Bunny

Jefferson Davis Monument in Fairview, KY

so neat.

very tall!

Can see for MILES!

First baseball game

First pitch, first hit! Running bases

Trying to run it home...


Spring program, the boys were weeds.

Too funny.

Chloe liked the singing...

Caleb's class of boys.

Birthday party time...

setting up the bounce house

all ready for the action!


Chloe even got in on the fun!

Parents and babies.

Batman cake

Chloe's cake

She pulled off her candle

and Caleb helped her blow it out.

..What is this?!



her foot! haha.

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