Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring catch up...

They DO love each other...

playing outside and helping with our strawberry patch

She anticipates the flash when my green light goes off, she blinks! Too cute!
Look at all the hair!

10 months old! Getting harder to take

1st time in the TuTu, not too sure...

Lets try to stand instead...
1st actual Sleepover, Caleb and Tripp

WaLuigi and Luigi

Had to sleep in a fort! Haha.

She is trying to escape..

Brushing up on swimming

Caleb did really well, he even started swimming with his head/face underwater! 


Yay, Chloe!
"Opening Day!"

Calebs 4-5 yr old "instructional" team

First practice, batting.

Taking turns running the bases

He loves it, asks me everyday when baseball is...

Back from my Bible study...pretty in pink!

Chloe's Baptism Day! 

Not actually Chloe's gown, but you get the idea ;-)

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