Monday, June 13, 2011

Latest happenings...

Here are some of the pics from what we've been up to lately....

After it rained, Caleb couldn't resist playing in the puddle...

The day before we brought Chloe home from the NICU

Finally home with our baby girl! 
(All the pics from leaving the hospital are on Austin's phone)

Later that night, he wanted to hold her...took a few hours of her being around


Look at those cheeks!

Caleb and our neighbor, Mandy, playing with water balloons...

and Austin was the (willing) target! Caleb got him right in the face!

Wide awake

Our first stroll as a family of 4, well 5 if you count Boomer.
It was humid, but nice...

Caleb is such a character for the camera-

Daddy snuggles

Who doesn't love baby feet?!

Wanting to hold her, so I had to run and grab my camera quick!

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