Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy times

We are doing good! Getting used to the lack of sleep is something else, though. Between pumping every 2 hrs, driving to the hospital every 3 hours for her feedings, eating and sleeping, there is not much else we get done. But the nurses think Chloe will be going home in about a week, so that is GREAT news. It will be much easier when she is home. Caleb is doing wonderfully with everything that is going on. He goes to some of the feedings, but they only allow grandparents/parents in the NICU, so he has only seen her from the window. He says he will be happy when Chloe is home, so I'm taking that as a good sign.

Chloe is taking most of her feedings through bottle, now. She needs to be taking them all via bottle for 2 days before they will remove the feeding tube in her nose.

Caleb checking out how small Chloe's hands are...


Between her feedings yesterday, we took Caleb for some much needed play time at the festival uptown. He rode the roller coaster 3 times, did the slide like 19 times, and even did a few other smaller rides. 
It was hot, but we had fun =)

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