Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Highlights of the New Year

Sorry these are way late, but we've been busy....some highlights from Christmas, too! Enjoy!

Santa telling Caleb to stop picking his nose =)
Riding the tractor with Papa.
Soo tired, I'm surprised he could hold on...
Christmas Eve after church
Reading Night before Christmas with Two-Papa.
Helping Grandpa paint
Big tractor at Uncle Dave's
Helping Uncle Andy plow Grandpa's driveway
Comic book character toothbrushes with Daddy
Helping Mommy with the dishes!
just lounging around...
Caleb's first snow!

...had to come in to get warmed up!
movie time!
Headed to Jump Zone for a fun night =)

Daddy teaching Caleb the ropes...

that is a good face!
some of the HUGE inflatables

helping KK make a basket
after some rounds of "slip N slide"

another good ride!!
Saying our Goodbyes...We love Daddy!
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Kaizen Family said...

Love the new pictures. The Kaizen's miss the Fogle family soooooo much!

Jane said...

I love the pictures, too. I can't believe how big he's getting. And those cheeks! I love the cheeks...
So glad to have another blogging buddy!