Thursday, February 25, 2010

California Trip

Last week, I visited a good friend of mine in California, Kati, and her family.Thank you for being my taxi, hotel and chef! Love you guys! I stayed for 5 days, which, is never enough time....but it was time well spent!
Day 1
Taking pictures of the dunes near where Austin and I used to live. Rt. 1 headed south near Marina.
Cypress Trees always remind me of the Central Coast...
Del Monte Ave. in Monterey, near the Naval Postgraduate School
Del Monte Municipal Park and Beach

The Harbor on Del Monte, after the tunnel...
Austin and I's favorite little place for burgers...17th Street Grill in Pacific Grove...and Kati =)
The outside dining area, great for fires...we've had some good times here!
Looking down Fountain Ave. in PG
Lover's Point Park in PG
Ocean View Blvd on the Coastal Trail

Sunset on Asilomar Beach

So amazing...

Day 2
Pic before hitting the road (we had a great kids-free day of traveling!)
Some of the farm land inland....and mountains surrounding Salinas

Palm Trees in San Luis Obispo
Mount Madonna
The Mission in San Luis Obispo

more of SLO

Kati and I ate lunch here, The Madonna Inn, which is so over-the-top. Gaudy, and very pink! They have themed hotel rooms like safari, swiss village, romantic, etc. I should have gotten  a postcard.
Minus the hearts, this is how it always looks...
The view from the parking lot
Avila Beach, probably my favorite of the day...
Port San Luis, looking back at Avila Beach

Untouchable coast, maybe by boat...
While we were on the fishing pier, this guy dropped in hopin for some food...

My new favorite place...
...much warmer and sunnier than Monterey Co.
From the hilltop-Avila, the city and Avila, the beach.

Pismo Beach, kinda.

Some shops on the Pismo area pier...
This is the drive inland to Kati's new house....

Kati's new driveway :) Yikes!

...and her newest project! Still some work (water/electric) but it made the trip here!
Views similiar to this out of every window!
Day 3
Kati had a last minute appointment, so we did some driving around our old place. It was so surreal being on the same streets, seeing our old neighbors' houses...I did see our old house, someone is living in it and seems to be good with flowers...they had quite a bit of plants and stuff near the front door. So that was good to see.
This is Fort Ord, where we lived. It is nice to finally see some new housing going up in that area!
Coming to Gigling Rd. off Lightfighter Dr.
Gigling Rd. towards Noumea Rd.
Gigling Rd. further up by the commissary...
And for Austin, I had to take a picture of the crazy know the one where Fremont St. and Del Monte Ave. instersect with Monterey Rd and the Road that takes you into Target...AND Rt. 1 ????HAHAH! Anybody who has lived there, you know what I'm talking about =)
We had to stay our last night in Oakland, which was fun...I didn't get many pictures of San Francisco, but we crossed the bay bridge...we were trying not to wreck! Traffic in the city is awful..
Tea` getting a new do!
Don and Kati with Caden and Tea`....and baby #3 in June!


Kaizen Family said...

When are you coming back again?????? Great pictures! Miss you♥

thetaylors said...

thanks for posting all of these fun pictures! looks like you had a fun trip! So many good memories there!!