Monday, March 16, 2009

Life in San Angelo

Our House at Lakeshore.

The view driving out of our apartment area.

Cottages on the Lake.

The Marina/Bass Club

Lake Nasworthy

Our favorite place to play!

Caleb's new "bi" for Bike

Coloring pretty pictures for Nana and Grandma!

He climbed in all by himself...
I couldn't find him for a minute or two :)


Caleb and Daddy at the Mall...the Waterfountains.

Our baby boy is getting SO big!

This is what Austin does when I ask him to smile nice.

What a nice husband, right? =)

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Jed and Jaime said...

Hey there... I came across your blog through the Taylors...Looks like ya'all are settled in in San Angelo. Hope all is well with your family. We'll have to keep you posted when our little one arrives. Much love from us :)