Monday, February 23, 2009

Southern California Countryside.

The moutaintops in the clouds...

All the windmills, also in Southern Ca.

Getting drier...

The Mojave Desert

Las Vegas, 10 hours later.

The Luxor.

Caesar's Palace

Day 2, we went hiking outside the city limits of Vegas at Red Rock Canyon Park.

Visibility couldn't have been more than a mile (or less than in some places), but it was still spectacular.

For $5.00 you could take the 13-mile drive around the Canyons, pull off at any of the stops, overlooks or trails and spend the day.

Red Rock
On Day 3, we headed out of Vegas and towards the Hoover Dam.

Ironically, we passed the Hoover Dam and got snowed in at Kingman, AZ. Ha.

The Dam wall.

Lake Mead, crossing over the dam.

I expected the water level to be higher...

Last one of the Hoover Dam.

Just after we crossed the Arizona looked like another planet!

Snowed in at Kingman, AZ....
Day 3 travel ended and Day 4 travel started in Kingman. We pushed through Day 4, hitting Phoenix, Tucson and Las Cruces, NM onto El Paso, TX. I think we got to our hotel around 11:30PM. Day 5 was the most boring, driving through the deserted western half of Texas.
Thankfully, we arrived without major delay. We are now in our apartment and Max is out of the kennel, and glad to be back with his boy. Austin is starting his second week of training, leaving 14 weeks to go. So far, San Angelo, is pretty complaints here, I'm just happy to be out of the car!

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thetaylors said...

Yay! you are alive!!! I am glad that your travels went well! I am sure Caleb was HAPPY to get out of the car! Hope all is well!