Sunday, August 26, 2012

Something new...

I think she was dancing...?

She anticipates the flash...but great smile!

Trying to get Mommy!

Playing in the legos with Brother.

The Treehouse Exibit at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville.

very neat.

Conch house

coloring together

Outing to the Nashville Zoo

Chloe not sure what to think of the fish

Caleb trying to do something..?

Poor Chloe, you're stuck with us!

Petting Zoo...goats.

and finally, the carousel.

Long curls

Lately, the fun part of our room, has been jumping on the bed!

Too much fun.

And when its not 100 degrees outside, we play outback.

..and swing.

This was yesterday 9/25

And more jumping today 9/26

Love them!

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