Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January Update

After Christmas, we got free tickets to a Nashville Predators Hockey game. It was a lot of fun, we had never been to a pro game, so we thought we'd give it at try. Fun atmosphere, and even though the arena was sold out it still felt like we had plenty of room. Caleb was scared the first time the horns went off when they scored, but after that he warmed up to them. He mostly liked the acts in between the actual hockey game...Santa made an appearance and they had people in gerbil-balls rolling on the ice. Pretty fun.

At the pro shop, we picked up a hockey stick and puck set for Caleb to pretend at home. He thought that was awesome. He wanted a picture with his stick and the ice, its really blurry, though.
We left a little early to beat the rush- the game didn't start until 7, and we are an hour or so from Nashville. We walked along the live music venues, things were starting to pick up....See Tootsies?
Both of the boys had passed out early =)
Caleb said he wanted to go to work, like Daddy. Thanks Nana Kim!

Caleb is finally at that between stage of needing and not needing a nap. Most days, he's fine without. But some days I find it too quiet and realize he's asleep. Sometimes in weird places...
The first four-day weekend we had, we on a whim, decided to finish our entry and laundry areas. Caleb was a BIG helper...

Austin was installing our new light fixtures and Caleb had to have his head lamp, just like Daddy.
Too cute.
Last weekend, the circus was in Nashville! Austin and I had never been, and we thought it would be fun for Caleb, too. Austin asked what his favorite part was afterwards...and he paused and said "Uh...just the girls."
Tigers, the guy was in there with 9 of them!

Caleb also thought that the motorcycles in the cage were cool...

Elephants, too. I asked Caleb what animals we might see...Sorry Caleb, I don't think cows and goats are "circus" animals...but he wasn't too disappointed. He actually wanted to pet the elephants.

This guy was right overhead, making getting a good picture really hard, looking right at lights. But cool, anyways. They actually rode upside down for favorite!

Lots of confetti for the finale..
A very cool show, something everyone should do at least once in a lifetime.

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