Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring is here!

So, we made it thru "winter" and now, to tackle spring....At times, it really doesn't feel like spring at all, we've gotten in the 90's already! Here are some pictures of what we've been up to recently!
Caleb didn't like having dirty hands, he kept asking for a towel.
But once I showed him to smear the paint, he got the hang of it.

Our little fireman!

Thats his "action" face

Swinging with Two-Papa

Caleb's favorite place to be- On the tractor in the garage or barn!

Sibling Love...this picture is so us.

The Easter Bunny came!
Egg Hunt is on!
 Tractor racing with can almost hear him cackling with laughter!

When we got back to KY after Easter....we had some really hot days. We
went to our friends' house to have some fun in the sun!

May have to get one of these before too long =) Caleb had a blast!
Our Buddy, Cooper.
After a long afternoon in the sun, they watched some cartoons to settle down.
Passed out after another long day, snack in hand.

Best buds. Caleb with K and CJ, after some yummy milkshakes.
Caleb and Kiana
And adorable Baby J!
All the kiddos!


Jane said...

That Easter trip looks like SO MUCH fun! I love the pictures!

thetaylors said...

Courtney! I can't believe how big Caleb is getting! Soo cute! We need to catch up one of these days.