Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our November

We've had a busy month, but we are glad we had family to share our joys and sorrow with. Austin's 25th Birthday was the 13th, and he jokes "I'm half-way to 50! I'm old!" Nana Kim was in town so we went to dinner at O'Charley's in Hopkinsville. I think we were the most dressed up people in the place that night.....Welcome to Kentucky, right???
My parents, and three brothers, along with Austin's Dad came down to spend Thanksgiving in our new place. On Thanksgiving Day, we headed to Nashville to see The Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular....which was great! Although they didn't allow cameras in the Opry House, so no pictures :( We cooked our turkey on Friday and then went for a drive to Land Between the Lakes with my brothers. We also had a Wii Bowling Tournament, which we are thinking will be a yearly tradition...Austin ended up fighting his way through the loser's bracket to take the tournament! Saturday the Boys went to get some pizza and wings while Mom and I put up my tree and some outside Christmas lights. Saturday night we had a small campfire, and in turn, got a visit from the fire dept. They were actually pretty nice, they explained the rules to us, and even let Caleb sit in the fire engine...he loved the lights and the loud truck. Sunday the brothers left and Monday the parents left. It was such a fun trip, it really let Austin and I relax and just enjoy the company.

Caleb and Nana Kim's tent

Grandpa and Caleb playing flutes

Valuable things for little boys to learn: rubber band guns! Thanks, Andy!

Everybody in on the Wii Action!

Burning off some energy, Uncle Brad and Caleb doing sit-ups and running.

Uncle Dalton and KK

And yes, there was a whole LOT of sleeping.

After the Rockettes show

Our family pictures at the Opry House

Our Thanksgiving


Our drive to LBL

The boys

We stopped to throw some rocks :)

Our fire, worthy of calling the authorities....

Look at that mouth full of marshmallow, coming back for more!

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