Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Busy Weekend!

Sunday, we went on the search for the perfect pumpkin! Caleb's favorite word is ball, and it just so happens that pumpkins look a lot like balls. He kept saying "ball" and I said "No, pumpkin" and he would reply "ball." It was too cute. He is actually quite the lil' pumpkin smasher! He would pick up the ones he could lift and would drop them....we thought we would have to pay for a lot, but luckily, he never busted any.

We went to the beach! Caleb had so much fun in the water....he managed to be soaked in all of 10 seconds. Asilomar Beach is between Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach...BEAUTIFUL. Max was a bit afraid of the waves rolling in, but he had a lot of kelp and such to sniff. The weather was warm and we were there at just the beginning of the high tide rolling in.

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